The Meaning Behind Common Dreams

Rori Hornung
3 min readJan 31, 2021


I’m sure we’ve all had the dream where we are being chased by something frightening before. There are certain elements that can make it specific to you, such as being chased around your own neighborhood by the big dog a few houses down, but the idea of being chased is universal. In fact, there are multiple generalized dream events that almost everyone can relate to. These have been interpreted by people who think that dreams are symbols of your unconscious wishes and desires. Here’s a few popular dreams and the theories of their deeper meanings:


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Whether it’s from a great height or just down the stairs, falling is not a pleasant feeling. Once you’re in the air, you have no control over what happens next. This could be the reason why it is believed that dreaming of falling means the dreamer is losing control of their waking moments. It could also mean that you fear something in life, such as the fear of failing in work, school, or relationships. Overall, dreaming of having a fall does not have a promising hidden message and could be a suggestion for one to step back for a minute and relax in their life during the day.

Being Chased

Just as you’re trying to get away from the attacker in your sleep, dream theorists believe that dreaming about being chased means you are trying to avoid something in your everyday life. It could also be a representation of your desire to escape your own fears and desires. Although the meaning can get more specific, depending on who/what is running after you. Being chased by an animal can represent hiding from your own feelings and passion, a member of the opposite sex could mean you are afraid of love, and an unknown or mysterious attacker might represent a past or childhood trauma.


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I’ve had a very fair share of dreams where the outcome is my death. While it isn’t the most pleasant event to dream about, it is relieving to know that dreaming of dying is not a warning of your soon death, as some might think. Instead, another approach could explain such a dream as a result of a big change happening in your life. For example, a new job. Death is feared and unknown, just like some adjustments you will need to make.

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