My Experience With Deja Vu Dreams

Rori Hornung
2 min readFeb 28, 2021


Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

Welcome back to week 7 of informational dream posts! This week, I thought I would share one of my odd dream stories, as those are what inspired me to choose this topic for my blog series.

Maybe you only remember a few dreams a month, or even none at all! Personally I have plenty of dreams, at least 5 a week. There’s always some odd element to them, and always a realistic element. For example, “school” in one of my dreams took place in a warehouse, but I had my actual classmates with me. In a way I enjoy having a little bit of both, because the familiarity is comforting but the strangeness makes it easy to tell it’s a dream and not real.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed in my dreams that I decided to research was what some may call “deja vu.” Deja vu is best described as being in a situation where you have the sensation of already experiencing it before, even though you can’t figure out when or how. I tend to feel like I’ve seen certain “snapshots” of my life before in one of my dreams. For example, the exact sunset that day or the way my food is arranged on my plate, simple things such as those.

In a way, it is a little relieving to know that I’m not the only one who experiences dream deja vu. In fact, studies have concluded that 95% of people who have experienced deja vu think they encountered a place or situation in a dream. (Deja Vu Dreams: What They Mean)

The only explanation of why this type of dream occurs I have been able to find is that some may have the ability to see the future in their dreams. Considering most of my deja vu moments are very minor events, I don’t believe this is the case for me. Instead, I wonder if it might just be a coincidence.

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